Divorcing an Abusive Spouse

Taking the steps to divorce your abusive spouse is one of the bravest and most courageous things you can do. It takes significant planning and a strong sense of support from your loved ones as well as the professionals who help you combat the complexities of this process. Oftentimes, abusers are controlling in several ways, not just physically or emotionally--financially, too. While divorce is typically challenging, it is infinitely harder when you are trying to leave a controlling spouse who refuses to let you go. This is why facing the prospect of divorcing your abusive husband or wife requires the advocacy and representation of a strongminded family law attorney to guide you through.

The first matter to consider is whether or not you are going to tell your spouse you plan on leaving them. Some marriages are so contentious it may be wise to keep this information under wraps as the mere idea of divorce may send your spouse into a rage. Avoiding potential threats and outbursts may be the difference between life or death. If you want to make a stand and take the legal steps to keep your abusive spouse away from you, you may file a restraining order. Whether or not this is right for your particular situation can be further discussed with your legal team.

Once you have successfully separated from your spouse, you can begin the process of divorcing your spouse by enlisting an experienced family lawyer who can skillfully navigate cases involving domestic violence.

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