Co-Parenting Through the Holidays

The holiday season is challenging for any family with small children. There are presents to buy, functions to go to, community events to attend, and countless other responsibilities to meet. These challenges however, can be particularly harrowing for newly divorced parents. Below, we take a look at three quick tips co-parents to keep in mind as they enter the holidays to avoid potential conflicts and make the most of this special time of year.

Review Your Schedule Now

You and your co-parent may have already decided on how visitation/custody will work around the holidays, but even if you have, it's recommended that you confirm all logistics with your co-parent beforehand. The stakes are high for child visitation around the holidays-- and not just for parents, but for extended family members, as well. A quick call with your co-parent to establish or double-check all arrangements/pick-ups/drop-offs means both you enter the busiest days of the year knowing what to expect.

Keep in Touch

Technology has made it so all of us are never out of reach for very long and for co-parents during the holidays, this can be a real benefit for making sure all arrangements go smoothly. The holiday season always tends to throw us curve balls, whether they be traffic jams, unexpected guests, or winter weather conditions, but as long as co-parents stay in contact via call and text, they can stay on top of any unexpected developments. Mobile technology also allows parents to share pictures and video with one another, which can ensure that neither parent misses out on important holiday memories.

Stay Flexible

Every family has certain rituals and traditions this time of year and a divorce is likely to interrupt at least some of them. As a co-parent, try not to lament the loss of some traditions, but instead focus on the ones that can still be celebrated. Even creating new traditions and events can offer an opportunity to create new special moments with your family. Remember: the holidays rarely go as well as any of us plan, so do your best to stay flexible, roll with the punches, and cherish this special time of year with ones you love.

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