Mistakes Parents Make in Child Custody Battles

For parents entering the divorce process, child custody is often one of the most critical matters they want settled in their favor. However, many parents approach this process with an outdated understanding how the courts now view child custody and often even harm their own efforts with seemingly unrelated behavior. Below, we look at three examples of mistakes many parents don't realize they could be making ahead of their child custody battle.

Badmouthing Your Spouse Online

In New York, the courts want to see parents who can nurture their child's relationship with their ex-spouse-- meaning that a certain amount of respect should be recognized between the parents. If it's shown that a parent has taken to social media (which is considered a public space) to air grievances against their spouse, it may indicate to the court that they are not ready to take a mature approach to the parenting relationship.

Making Parenting Decisions Alone

The duration of a divorce can be long and, during it, a family's circumstances and routines can be upended. Still, it is important for parents to be cordial with each other and communicate about parenting decisions. If a parent makes a significant parenting decision alone (like to reschedule a doctor's appointment or pull a child out of school), the court can see it as a refusal or failure to cooperate with co-parent on matters important to a child's upbringing.

Residing with a New Romantic Partner

It's not uncommon for those going through a divorce to quickly find another romantic partner, but parents in this situation should tread carefully. The court wants to see that both parents are ready to provide their children as much consistency as possible.

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